Biology Department

As of 2009, the 911 University Biology Department offers 2 courses. We do this not because we know more about biology than do other universities, but because 911U professors are superior dot-connectors, primarily because they are not constrained by any limitations regarding what they are allowed to tell their students.

Our first course is Biology 101 - Respiratory Impairment of ""Ground Zero"" first responders. This course connects the dots on the diminished lung function and other impairments and disabilities suffered by those rescue workers who were exposed to nanoparticles at ""Ground Zero"". Understanding this biological mechanism can be helpful in understanding some of what is wrong with the so-called 911truth movement, as well as the medical profession.

Our second course is Biology 104 - Sleep Disruption by modern technology. If you've watched the nightly news recently, you've probably noticed advertisements for Ambien and Lunesta. These mind-altering pharmaceuticals are being sold to people who, for some reason, need help sleeping. The pharmaceutical industry finds it profitable to sell drugs as a so-called solution to this problem, even though it is more effective for people to understand (and avoid) the cause of why, in recent years, so many of us are having so much trouble sleeping.