Connect The Dots

Jim Hoffman left out the single most-difficult-to-explain video frame in the Naudet video, whereas the "bipartisan" 9-11 Commission ignored the existence of the entire 30-second 1st-impact scene.

When it comes to the government's own Pentagon attack video, which reveals that the U.S. government has deceived everyone about 9/11, the 9-11 Commission pretended to be ignorant of the government's own fraud-revealing evidence, while Hoffman proclaims that "we" should not try to incorporate it into "our" "theories", because "we" cannot be sure it's real (and that would somehow hurt "our" credibility, even though he thinks the government is deceiving everyone).

That's pretty convoluted 'logic', and revealing, considering that an honest citizen could merely point out that the government failed to include any mention of its own revealing video evidence of the Pentagon attack (either fraudulent government evidence, evidence of government fraud, or both) in the obviously-deficient 571-page report produced by the government's 9-11 Commission.

Mr. Hoffman is not alone in his practice of these, and other, recognized gatekeeping behaviors.

John Judge, who, with Kyle Hence, co-founded (a web site which everyone thought was about citizens keeping an eye on the 9-11 Commission), wrote a 149-page "omission report" (cached) supposedly critical of what had been omitted from the 9-11 Commission Report. But it, too, omitted all mention of the government's own Pentagon video evidence. It's usually meaningful any time one notices the leading participants in the 9/11 truth movement either lying about or ignoring the same evidence as was ignored by the 9-11 Commission, but for that to happen even while such "leaders" are pretending to detail what the Commission omitted, that's a warning sign which is impossible to overlook.

George Orwell warned us regarding how deadly lies of omission can be. We would like to add to that how revealing they can be, once recognized: Try to notice when the government, the media, and the "leaders" of the "911 truth movement" all ignore the same evidence which makes it difficult-to-impossible to believe that we can blame 9/11 on "evil suicidal Muslim hijackers".

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