Department of Physics

""Ground Zero"" Energy Surplus

Pyroclastic Flows

A volcanic and nuclear energy release phenomenon


There are people going around spreading the false belief that since pyroclastic flows that accompany volcanic events can contain tiny suspended globs of lava, which will set things ablaze, and because that didn't happen at ""Ground Zero"", that therefore anyone who says that there were pyroclastic flows at GZ is mistaken and can be ignored -- even though that means ignoring so much highly-unconventional, highly-revealing GZ evidence. (Which is fine with the disinformers, who are happiest when all valid possibilities and big-lie-busting pieces of evidence go unaddressed or dismissed, in favor of popularized impossible/meaningless BS/noise, leading to a hopeless sense of endless enigma...)

There are many nice pictures of huge, impressive-looking pyroclastic flows @ GZ. To publicly deny or downplay their significance is to disinform. To say that a pyroclastic flow didn't set people's hair on fire as its distinct outer boundary chased them down the street is to miss (or, depending upon intent, to divert attention from) the point.

As you're about to see, most of the ground-level images and TV videos barely hinted (the image below was released in 2010) at the scope and scale of the spectacle:

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Volcanic eruption

""Ground Zero""

Nuclear detonation