About 911 University

We're here to help people to learn to think about 9/11. Once we'd seen through the government's impossible hateful conspiratorial hijacker-blaming cover story, we used 9/11 as a mirror and a lens through which to observe the newly-reality-checked nature of various institutions, including colleges and universities.

Without an honest legitimate university (or truth movement, for that matter) to turn to, the need for 911 University became obvious: provide a gathering point for the exchange of information by folks who'd seen through the false-flag legend of 9/11. By providing feedback forms along with our courses, we hope for others to also contribute to everyone's understanding of it.

The founder of 911 University experienced an awakening of sorts in 1996. From a group-steering experience, he concluded that hate was a disease. After the benefits of trying to live by what that conclusion implies, plus a solid background in physics, had helped him to determine, with certainty, that 9/11 was The Big Lie (and that the 911truth movement was a fraud), 911 University was founded.

Since then, it's become clear that those initial conclusions were not altogether correct. Over time, it's become apparent that it is more correct to see them thusly: 9/11 is A Big Lie (one of many), and hate is The disease.

Logic can never fully escape the influences of emotions, especially hatred. What 911 University -- especially the College of Disinformation Recognition -- has to offer will only be fully useful to those who've struck at the lies that have spread like disease through our minds and have risen above and exorcised themselves of all hatred of 'hijackers' -- those are the thoughts of darkness; barriers to illumination and understanding. Typically, it is only when one can look at 9/11 without the aberration of hate, that 9/11 is useful as a non-distorting mirror, capable of reflecting and revealing the true nature of 9/11 itself, and the world in which it occurred, and in which its ongoing coverup persists.

We believe that it is intellectually dishonest to blame 'hijackers' -- real or not -- for damages which could not possibly have been caused by airliners. That is one of the best ways of differentiating and distinguishing 911 University from the phony 911truth squadrons, who keep casting aspersions on the same 'hijackers' that the corrupt government wants us all to hate and blame for 9/11, as if it were remotely possible to blame the overly-rapid, excessively-energetic razings of sturdy steel skyscrapers on 'airplanes' -- real or not -- and fires and gravity.

Clearly, the legend about hijackers and airliners is just the enemy-creating cover story for what actually happened to the WTC skyscrapers (and the Pentagon, for that matter). The 911truth functionaries -- and there are many of them -- fan the flames of that fallacious fire with their continual references, both explicit and implicit, to hateable hijackers, and/or to airplanes. We are here to help people understand what 9/11 actually was (not), and what that means; the 911truth people wrongly refer to 9/11 as if everyone already knows what "it" was, and who to blame for "it", and who else you might be able to blame for "it".

If you prefer to merely doubt some of the government's impossibly wild 9/11 claims while still hanging on to a little blame or hatred for "Muslim hijackers", you could be at the wrong web site; you might be more comfortable here or at many of the hijacker-aspersion-casting limited-truth limited-opposition web sites it links to or even mentions (please do note that we can link to them but they can't link to us, largely because we address some thoughts that they're very good at keeping people from ever having) (another difference is that they provide [mis]leaders, while we just provide information).

Our ultimate conclusion regarding 9/11 is still evolving. In its present form, we believe that the darkest of clouds, 9/11+coverup, has the most silvery of linings, limitless clean energy, very probably in the form of fissionless fusion (advanced, clean nuclear) energy, as that is the only known way of accounting for all the most phenomenal ""Ground Zero"" evidence. We've recognized the Ground Zero evidence which reveals that the incredible destruction of the Twin Towers represents a working demonstration of a new energy paradigm. The possibility of releasing almost limitless energy without burning things (or making a persistent radioactive mess) could, once realized, transform civilization for the better, by solving energy and economic problems, and potentially going a very long way towards helping the environment.

The only sticking point is that we are not interested in devoting vast amounts of resources to marketing or advertising, in some vain attempt to single-handedly overcome the huge lies of omission told by all other universities. We're not in this for us; we see our primary task as that of Toto pulling back a curtain; we feel we've done our part; if people choose to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (and to go on fearing flying monkeys), there's not a whole lot we at 911 University can do about that.

If the evidence-based thoughts -- dare we say truths -- presented at 911U deserve to gain traction, that will have to come from the grassroots level; none of our institutions seem keen on changing a rigged system with which they are, at the very least, content. If you find any of the information on this web site interesting and potentially beneficial, it's up to you to share it with others, and to encourage them to do the same. That's the only way there will ever be any kind of truth movement or truth uprising. People power. People will get the government (and most other institutions) they deserve. If We The People settle for their most blatant horrible lies, they'll keep feeding Us more, guaranteed. So, you see, it's not up to us. It's up to Us.