Admissions Office

911 University is open to all those interested in exploring the full true implications of 9/11, and what is revealed by the corrupt, intellectually dishonest reactions to 9/11 by practically all our institutions. 911 University is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, at Please tell your friends.

Admission is free (no tuition fee) to all who have disabused themselves of the notion that "19 hijackers" can honestly be blamed for 9/11. If you are still unaware of the widely-suppressed hijacker-exculpatory 9/11 evidence, you can find some here. Remember, it only takes one contrary example to disprove any theory, including a wild conspiracy theory from one's own government that has been endlessly propagandized by the corporate media. (The repeating of lies can make them seem true, even when they are and always have been impossibly false, provided that none of the intelligentsia speak out.)

If you plan on taking courses within the College of Disinformation Recognition, which is recommended, it is preferred that you are at least passingly familiar with H.M.Sweeney's 25 Rules of Disinformation.

Most students find it much easier to understand the course material at 911U after they have rid themselves of the illogical blinding deep-seated lingering hatred which typically accompanies contrived widespread misperceptions such as 9/11; that is the natural outcome when a fantastic emotionalized tale, steeped in stereotypes and prejudices, is the ultra-well-propagandized official cover story for an very hateable false-flag super-crime.

Digital Resources Required

Primarily, all you need is a computer with web browser software and an internet connection. Some of our students take courses from their public library. 911U believes that information and knowledge should be freely available, and we mean that in every sense of the word: freedom is best implemented via democracy, and democracy simply cannot function properly once a significant amount of valid information has been withheld and suppressed.

A handful of our web pages make extensive use of Dynamic HTML for a 3-D effect (elements overlaying other elements). This is triggered by your web browser's JavaScript capability when you point at some parts of the page with your cursor. This makes it easy to see how the deeper information fits into the bigger picture, and is also intended to encourage you to explore, to dig deeper. If you don't have JS enabled in your browser, you will be deprived of the full breadth and depth of the information presented in those courses.

For audio content, you will need to be able to listen to MP3 files. For video, our preferred format is QuickTime, which requires a player or browser plug-in which can be downloaded for free. Some of our video clips are also offered in Real video format, but the Real player does not enable you to forensically examine videos frame by frame, which is why QT is preferred for some clips. Please note that there are some downloadable 3rd-party codec packages which can play QT (and Real) files. Some even include a web browser plug-in, but these 3rd-party plug-ins often do not work properly on all QT clips, even though they typically can play the files OK if you download them and then view them locally in the 3rd-party player.

In order for you to be able to contribute to the course discussions, our web server must be able to receive the referring document information that is normally sent by web browsers whenever users click on something on a web page. If, perhaps under the rubric of privacy or security, your system is filtering that information, thus preventing our discussions program from receiving the most basic indication that your request/submission originated from a form that it had served to you, then you will be unable to post comments. Please note that there are some referring document filters which are 'smart' in the sense that they can prevent cross-domain, also known as 3rd-party, information leakage via referring document header data without disrupting the normal benign flow of referring document information from a domain back to itself.

Please email 911U technical support at tech.resources{...xX//@\\Xx...} with comments or questions regarding the use of such web technologies.