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At 05:07 on 04/08/20, Dave from Colo Spgs added:
    I really like the way you repurposed that hard hat, thanks for sharing what you did.

    I repurposed a small lens cleaner spray bottle into a handy (pocket-sized) disinfectant sprayer:

    I diluted it down to just over 80%, so it won't evaporate too rapidly. It's not as nice as hand sanitizer (which I could not find) on hands, but superior on handles and other things I must touch.

At 01:05 on 05/06/20, Ron Walker from Prescott, AZ added:
    Thanks for the ideas and bonus vids, especially the one with the Coronavirus Calendar of royal fuktard President Doolittle Blamealot.

At 18:53 on 06/25/20, Chris from AZ added:
    Thanks for this page.

    How come people don't object to having to wear pants? Or to the Constitution-eviscerating so-called Patriot Act?

    From now on, whenever I see someone in a store without a face mask, I'm going to moon them.

At 03:37 on 02/08/21, Bio Vyzr from Bio Vyzr added:
    Check out this ultimate PAPR:

At 06:35 on 04/07/21, Will from XUPERMASK added:
    PAPR mask:

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