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At 02:59 on 10/04/05, DR215 Professor from 911 University added:
    The prerequisites for this course, DR215, have been temporarily waived, due to the fact that those courses do not yet exist. This interactive model of the psy-op legend of 9/11 is intended for students who have already seen at least partly through it.

    We hope it can be useful to others as well.

At 15:47 on 10/05/05, Brian H. from American Almanac added:
      {Confusing "obnoxico" comment filtered by professor, but thanks for the link, Brian.}

At 14:43 on 10/08/05, Diane A. from California added:
    Thank you for your simple but elegant model.

At 13:15 on 11/17/05, I can see! from Gatlinburg, TN added:
    A few days after I visited this site it suddenly dawned on me how Able Danger was total disinfo.

At 06:03 on 12/24/05, James Ha from Tujunga,Ca. 91042 added:
    there is a lot of homework to be done on the subject of 911

At 00:52 on 01/13/06, Andrew from New Zealand added:
    I have longtime had little respect for U.S. Govt. This doesn't diminish my love of American people. This news brings me great sorrow. I hope that in short time the truth willout!

At 03:22 on 02/06/06, Mark McInnes from Daring To Question All 'Authority' added:
    I'm glad to see the plane portion of the official theory is finally being debunked.

    It's been a lonely 4+ years (props to those who led the way) waiting for the world to start to catch on.

At 23:58 on 03/26/06, truth seeker from Lawrence, KS added:
    Great job with this presentation!

    I don't know which is more revealing, the content of this page, or how few "911 truth" sites link to it.

At 13:57 on 03/27/06, reader from 198.207.168.** added:
    Why do you list all the major figures of the 9/11 truth movement as 'disinfo'? Who are you, and where is your contact page?

At 05:47 on 03/30/06, Tina Louise from Arms Against War added:
    So good to see more information about alternative views of 9/11. It is essential that the inconsistancies of the 'official' 9/11 story are revealed and opened for honest debate. The more we see of this sort of questioning the better. Since 9/11 the US and UK governments have put through legislation that limits our civil liberties, illegally occupied Iraq and killed tens of thousands of people - once the truth of 9/11 is exposed, there will be much work to do untangling the mess these two governments have made. I propose that all laws and actions occurring after 9/11 up until the day of truth - be considered void and we start over. Thanks for the site. Namaste, Tina Louise

At 16:11 on 04/03/06, u2r2h from Planet Earth added:

    911 is the greatest crime-story the world has ever seen...

    The technical special effects and the snuff 3000 bloody murders are the biggest real-life cop show ever.

    The important thing is that we will find out what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Every aspect is a lesson for generations to come.

    The outcome of the lesson is clear: we must never allow private business and military madmen become big enough to harm us. in fact, its the VERY SAME conclusion that the germans reached after Hitler.. and their solution was powerful, independent public broadcasters (TV without ads and free, tenured journalists), public-(state-)owned banks and strong, independent courts.

At 13:12 on 04/23/06, Citizen of the World from A World Without Borders added:
    The three Ps.

    Power was the motive
    Patriotism was/is the means
    Paranoia is the oppertunity.

    And so the US government begins suborning democracy at home and invading third world countries, supported by its own mislead public. History repeats itself.

    We live in sad times.

At 16:39 on 04/24/06, richard i knight from rossville, ga added:
    Thank god that more and more US citizens are getting their head out of the sand. No citizen wants to believe that their government murdered 3000 of them, destroyed millions of dollars of real property, and lied to them on top of it. Then, all of this to kill innocent civilians in Iraq over world control and oil. The citizens of the United States had better stand up now. The black Americans riot in the streets when they think that they have been wronged. The Hispanics are currently in the streets over their immigration issues. Why does the white man remain so placid. Is it empathy? Are we all pacifist? Thank all of you posting here who believe in the truth.

At 23:13 on 04/30/06, Jared from San Francisco, CA added:
    An excellent piece of work. However, we need an even more gentle lead-in model for those newly initiated to the facts, just beginning the search.

At 23:28 on 05/01/06, Diana Lea from Ogden Utah added:
    There has to be a way of getting people to know and care about the truth. The 9-11 lies are truely the biggest crimes of the century. They must be exposed. We have to get the media to see the economic value in reporting these lies, 4 and a half years later. Please everyone, email NPR daily. Eventually, they will have to listen.

At 02:21 on 06/17/06, DR215 Professor from 911 University added:
    Summer school homework assignment: now that the fictitious elements of The Big Lie of 9/11 are known, try to teach yourself to think of and talk about 9/11 in terms which do not lend creedence to them.

At 00:35 on 08/02/06, SeekTheTruth from Orlando, FL added:
    Thanks for putting this together and help spread the truth.

At 19:36 on 01/03/07, theSaiGirl from 9/11 Truth - Los Alamos added:
    Outstanding work.
    Is it ok if I post a link to it from one of my blogs ?

At 15:33 on 03/18/07, Frankie M. from added:
    Thanks for the informative site. The physical weirdness of the plane impacts was one of the first things that got me thinking that Yeah, my government did it. I'm glad you guys explaining that part as well. I, like others have been getting so much flak for talking about No Boeings. Keep up the good work

At 16:47 on 04/24/07, DR215 Professor from 911 University added:
    JOB ONE of 9/11 was Enemy Creation
    JOB TWO of 9/11 was Homeland Creation

At 04:30 on 08/07/07, John 9/11 Doe from 221.40.80.** added:
    You need to modify the section about living 9/11 hijacker suspects. Even the BBC story has been retracted by the editors, as you can see here. Why they keep the old link alive I don't know. Anyway, just a head's up.

At 17:44 on 09/06/07, DR215 Professor from 911 University added:
    Thank you for your comment. We've changed the exclamation mark to a question mark. A source can always contradict itself later... But the fact remains that "the 19" [sic] were tried and convicted in the media, and the so-called proofs of their claimed existence and purported behaviors regarding the events of that day remain unproven, even if, miraculously, contrary to so much evidence, it somehow was flights 11 and 175 and 77 and 93 which crashed that day.

    And, considering the BBC can apparently not notice, among other big blatant discrepancies in official evidence, that the guy in the U.S. government's "Osama confession video" looks and acts nothing like Osama, but that they were somehow able to report the fall of the 47-story WTC building #7 23 minutes before it fell, and then they (their words) cocked up (their original copy of that video is mysteriously missing from their archive vault), and their explanation for it all is wholly inadequate (both refusing to confirm that they'd done it at all, and also trying to equate saying things which later turned out to be untrue or inaccurate with reporting in advance an unforseeable impossible 'accident'), we probably should have known better than to have linked to the BBC in the first place.

    In deciding whether to believe the BBC as it tells us which of its conflicting reports to disbelieve, please do not fail to note that in the BBC blog entry to which you referred, "The Editors" label as a "conspiracy theorist" anyone who has seen through the impossible official government conspiracy theory, but do not label those who've swallowed and still cling to the disproven discredited preposterous conspiracy theory which holds that "19 guys with boxcutters did all that".

At 09:12 on 08/22/10, GodSend from Sons of Light added:
    The MOST IMPORTANT fact about 911 is that: ISRAEL (MOSSAD) DID IT! The COVER-UP of this fact by Bush, Obama and the Zionist-controlled MSM (and "Israel Lobby") represents TREASON! (though none dare call it treason!).

    "Off with their heads!"

    HOW the Israeli did it is not nearly as important as THAT they did it - but very interesting.

At 21:51 on 08/25/10, Student of 9/11 from North Carolina added:
    Telling people what shadowy entity halfway around the world "did it" is a good diversion/distraction from the most dangerous enemy of all, the enemy within.

    So, even if you are correct (you could be...; saying it doesn't make it true, but I can't prove you're wrong, and even a stopped clock is right twice per day), how does that not divert attention from the enemy within?

    All in all, the blaming of foreign entities for what clearly was and remains domestic treason is and always will be good cover for the home-grown traitors.

    Also, there are many loud-mouthed nitwits and haters who seem to 'think' that since the Mossad admittedly uses deception, that, therefore, any time deception is involved, it must have been caused by Mossad...

At 13:38 on 04/19/11, D Y from Khalezov's 911thology added:
    Do you have a post graduate course dissecting the 26 part video by Dimitri Khalezov?

    He is witness to some '100% verifiable' facts and maybe some 500-1000 assertions which answer questions, with less than 100% consistency, imho.

    Video is well worth watching, a must see.
    His content 'broke' about February, 2010.

    Or do you want us to think for ourselves!!!!?

At 01:16 on 08/05/11, DR215 Professor from 911 University added:
    Sorry it's taken so long to respond, but Dmitri's video is more than 4 hours long, and after we downloaded it all, we watched it in segments, whenever we could get together to jointly view it with the Physics Department staff. It's primarily presented in a 2-person interview format. Some parts of it really drag on...

    First, the physics: Khalezov claims that the twin towers and WTC7 were destroyed by underground old-fashioned atomic bombs (1 per building). He bases this primarily on his claimed knowledge of some supposed Soviet intelligence information regarding purported secret self-demolition capabilities built into U.S. skyscrapers. He strives to loosely fit the unconventional (ie, nuclear) aspects of the ""Ground Zero"" devastation to this supposed secret Soviet intelligence information. Parts of this he does worse than others, including by using conventional terms to refer to, and thus downplay, highly unconventional effects. Compared to the ludicrous nonsense spewed by Dr. S.E. Jones, Khalezov's views seem to require fewer leaps of faith, and violate fewer laws of physics, or at least violate them by fewer orders of magnitude. Still, both are nonsense. At least Khalezov's theory remains testable (fused bedrock would still be radioactive), if one can just obtain a coring sample from one of the right spots hundreds of feet below the WTC.

    Meanwhile, we do not believe it. For one thing, evidence of large chunks of exterior tower walls, trailing roilimg plumes of particles as they fell from great heights, while the exterior walls and support columns closer to the ground still remained intact, is consistent with extremely intense energy having been (first) released far above ground level, contrary to Khalezov's nebulous energy-transmitted-via-solids underground-A-bomb theory. For another, the critical WTC "tub", which kept (and still keeps) the below-sea-level portions of the WTC dry, would likely not have survived intact, if at all, 3 such underground detonations, which supposedly somehow "pulverized" [sic] the structures (and all the contents?) of the twin towers (and WTC7), to heights far above ground level...

    Tne disinfo: the overall presentation leaves much to be desired. Each of the first 3 (of 26) 10-minute segments is chock full of the phrase "the planes" -- so much so that they are probably best skipped, except as an example of 9/11 disinformation (it's borderline comical, a kind of disclaimer/correction at the very end of segment 3; we can't tell if they're trying to convince themselves or confuse their audience that they don't really believe in "the planes" to which they've both just spend half an hour repeatedly referring to as if they do). Talking about a fictitious element of 9/11 as if it is real is not only illogical, but a known disinfo tactic -- and these 2 did it even though they know it's wrong! Further, much later in the video, Khalezov attempts to refute the notion of "the planes" (including by drawing a nearly-matching outline of a plane on top of an image of a damaged tower wall; he also talks about the other "crash sites"). This, following the repeated references to "the planes", seems like an attempt to create doublethink in the minds of their audience. There is also some odd reference to some notion that the towers were secretly deliberately underground-nuked in order to prevent some kind of greater calamity resulting from the detonation of suddenly-introduced high-above-ground nukes (as if the people who deliberately nuked the towers were doing public good in making a tough decision, to use an old existing built-in demolition system, to thwart some unanticipated sudden attack from some whole other entity!).

    Just a few minutes from the very end of the 4+ hour presentation, it actually quotes the last paragraph of this 911U physics discussion (see just above "(DIS)PROVING THIS HYPOTHESIS", which was appended subsequently, and presents video evidence for which Khalezov's theory can not account), without attribution (though he does refer to the work of others by name for no obvious reason), and even falsely suggests that this unnamed article ("some physicist") agrees with his nuclear theory, without ever mentioning that the unattributed 911U physics article refers to many tiny planted fissionless nuclear fusion devices! So there can be no doubt that 911U's physics article preceded Khalezov's video. This all makes Khalezov's presentation seem compatible with the possibility that its primary purpose is to enable people to mistakenly believe that ""Ground Zero"" was indeed a nuclear event, but not any kind of working demonstration of a new energy paradigm capable of transforming the planet for the better; therefore "no secret larger than 9/11 itself was revealed; nothing too terribly special happened there, Citizen; move along"...

    It would be (and would have been) nice and interesting to hear Dmitri comment on this discussion, of which he was obviously aware at the time. There is no way of knowing how much of a gulf may exist between his views (then or now) and the way that 'interview' was steered and the video was produced (the DVD's menu screen image is of a "light cross" -- Sun + lens flare -- shining between the twin towers, which helps people to mistakenly see 9/11 cast in a religious framework, which is good disinfo, but curious behavior for an honest 9/11 lie-buster who not only says that the towers were nuked, but that other aspects of the official legend of 9/11 are also false).

    In terms of both physics and overall content and its presentation, we find there to be a striking serious lack of coherence and credibility to the alternative-explanation 9/11 musings in Dimitri Khalezov's video.

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