Vision Statement

It is the vision of 911 University that the energy 'secret' behind the confined annihilations of the WTC skyscrapers be used not to raze buildings but to raise our civilization to the next level. The ability to use nuclear fusion to inexpensively create and capture and harness virtually limitless amounts of environmentally-friendly energy, without burning stuff or using old-fashioned, radioactive, fission-based nuclear reactions, represents a, if not the, new energy paradigm (archived). The knowledge and ability to do this came from the fruits of government-funded research (cached). Since We The People paid for its development, then We The People (should) own it. And use it. And benefit from it.

Envision a world in which such beneficial (but potentially destructive) energy technology, which rightfully belongs to the public, was used for the benefit of all. Obviously, evidently, such technology could never be entrusted to corporations. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people would include a Department of Energy which, using this advanced energy technology, actually created energy -- and sold it, thus creating wealth for We The People. Such a government would also devote additional resources to safeguarding the energy technology, and hopefully fewer to spying on its citizens.

Energy produced via this technology would be significantly less expensive to produce, but could be sold for only slightly less than what it costs to unleash energy by old-fashioned, polluting methods, which would accomplish 2 important functions: 1)the resulting market forces would incentivize an orderly transition away from deprecated energy sources, and 2)Our government would make so much money selling energy from this inexpensive clean new source that it would no longer have any justification for trying to tax earned wages. (If you used lots of energy, you'd effectively pay lots of taxes, and conversely.)

Beyond solving difficult energy and economic issues, responsible mainstream adoption of this advanced energy technology, which goes a long way towards obviating the need for the use of hydrocarbons, would also constitute tremendous environmental and thus ecological relief.

Such a world will evidently not materialize unless and until We The People demand it. And, of course, We are unlikely to get together and agree to demand something of which We are unaware. To that end, independent education (beyond the influence of the prevailing entrenched institutionalized education system, with its artificially contrained course material and thus limited thought boundaries) is required.

If any of this sounds good to you, please help spread the good word, and benefit the world. Many hands makes for a light load. If everyone just told 2 people, who each told 2 people...

With understanding comes recognition. With recognition comes understanding. And so forth.

To Understand 9/11 is To Understand Much.