Welcome to 911 University

911 University was founded in 2004, in response to a problem: even though simple high school physics was sufficient to disprove the government and media's wild, conspiratorial claims regarding the demise of the twin towers on 9/11, no physics professors at any colleges or universities were willing to stand up for their physics beliefs and denounce the biggest impossible horrible enemy-creating lie of 9/11.

Colleges and universities are evidently the keepers of our societies' knowledge, and anything beyond what they endorse as truthful must be wrong, because they are seen as the people with the greatest thirst for knowledge and quest to expand the boundaries of what we know. However, a good understanding of 9/11 disproves that belief, just as it disproves the belief that Democrats and Republicans honestly oppose one another as they protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Given that all our institutions of higher education were unwilling to address certain realities, and were all basically lying by omission, the only thing to do was to create an honest university, 911 University, to go beyond what these intellectually corrupt wealthy gatekeeping institutions were willing to address.

As 911U grows, it will address increasingly broader implications of what has been learned by using 9/11 as both a mirror and a lens to observe how various institutions have reacted to 9/11 itself. For while 9/11 remains too horrible for some people to actually think about logically instead of using their emotions, it's also too big and important for We The People to let our institutions get away with disregarding all the most glaring inconsistencies in the official explanation for what happened that day.

Our first course, DR215, is offered at the world's first and only College of Disinformation Recognition. It interactively deconstructs The Big Lie(s) of 9/11. More recently, we've applied sound simple principles of physics to deduce what could have caused the top-down annihilations of the twin towers. The 911U Physics Department's hypothesis can account for all the most highly phenomenal pieces of ""Ground Zero"" evidence; no other hypothesis even comes close.

And, given that all other colleges and universities are lying about 9/11, and the incredible energy secret it revealed to us, what else are they not telling us? The true economic nature of the Federal Reserve and its relationship with the U.S. government? The true nature of the duopolistic U.S. political system? How deeply does this pattern persist?

Anyone who learns anything outside of what is endorsed by our oligopolistic educational system is typically ignored or labeled and branded. (Rule 1: if you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.) But once the knowledge bypasses the gatekeepers, it's too late for the truth hiders to do anything about it other than to try to label and marginalize those who possess "the forbidden knowledge". How widely can the knowledge spread without being endorsed and encouraged by society's institutions?

That is how info wars are won and lost, when enough people tell enough people who tell enough people, instead of just waiting for failed institutions to clue them in as to what's really going on in the world.

911 University contains intellectual ammunition for you in the battle for your mind. You are encouraged to learn it and to avail yourself of it, to rise up, and strike at the physically impossible hateful lies that been have spread like disease through our minds. Each of us is responsible for eradicating the hateful lies in our minds, after having been endlessly exposed...

The darkest psychological cloud of 9/11 contains the most silvery of energy linings; the promise of true energy independence, economic salvation, and ecological relief: ""Ground Zero" was a working demonstration of a new energy paradigm! Once enough people have seen the incredibly bright potential future above and beyond what our institutions have been telling us, and they start talking about it, our corrupt educators and news organizations can either join in, or risk becoming irrelevant and extinct as the world passes them by.

That, above and beyond mass media and shock & awe, is how the marketplace of ideas and information still works in any functioning democracy. But democracy cannot function unless the voters have good information. But how can they? Our leaders are lying to us. Journalists and correspondents and reporters are lying to us. The professors to whom we so expensively entrust our children's highest education are lying to them, and to us when they appear on TV or sell books. Their lies, largely by omission, are not about small, inconsequential matters, either.

So please wipe from your mind the physically impossible official explanation for 9/11, and all the emotional baggage which accompanies it. Then try to understand 9/11 for what it could not have been, and for what it could have been, and for what it must have been. Then, instead of cowering in mass fear of a virtual enemy's terror magic, let us all share and spread our awareness of this tremendous energy secret that was revealed to us on 9/11, and use the awareness of this breakthrough to start remaking our world for the better, instead of only occasionally covertly misusing this energy technology to annihilate and to terrorize.