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At 01:47 on 08/20/09, Lab Assistant from 911U Biology Dept added:

At 16:44 on 03/12/11, Carl P. from usa added:
    After this information had been published here for a mere 1 1/2 years, the mainstream media has finally reported on the negative impact to sleep, as a result of suppressed melatonin levels, from using electronic devices 2 hours before bedtime. (...I wonder how many more years before they catch up to 911U regarding 9/11!)

At 19:02 on 09/26/11, signalfire from Points Distant, Oregon added:
    Humans evolved watching firelight at night; I believe there's an evolved need in the human brain for these specific wavelengths and that to our detriment we have actively denied ourselves exposure to it in lieu of TV, more recently computer screens and incandescent (bad) or fluorescent (neuropoisonous) lights. In fact, if you wanted to design a perfectly diabolical device, you could make an LCD screen or TV that perfectly mimicked firelight in its wavelengths. People would not be able to look away from it. Better by far for your brain and society, simply watch a fire or candlelight every evening for a few minutes to hours. You will find you sleep well. It's almost an hallucinogen.

At 19:03 on 09/26/11, signalfire from Points Distant, Oregon added:
    Also, to the topic of melatonin; try serotonin precursors such as 5-HTP; they work as antidepressants increasing brain serotonin levels and the extra serotonin is converted to melatonin, solving the problems depressives often have with sleep actuation and continuation.

    Thank you for your website and very thoughtful posts. I'm very grateful for your honesty both scientific and moral.

At 21:53 on 06/22/16, 911U student from CT added:

At 01:30 on 10/13/17, Just Found This from added:
    Cool site!

    It's taken so long for the world to catch up with you about time-release melatonin, will it ever catch on about 9/11?

    Anyway, here's an entire website devoted to time release melatonin:

At 03:34 on 05/25/18, sleep addict from 72.52.77.** added:

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